SINGU BPM Platform:

Communications centralization

Single tool for managing all your communication both within the company and with customers and external partners

Work organization improvement

Every case along with its communication and attachments is managed by one centralized application rather than stored on employee PC’s.

Lowered costs

Low deployment and maintenance costs coming along with per case service effectiveness improvement result in reduction of company’s operation expenditures.

Knowledge base

Central knowledge base development resulting in improved quality and best practices management.


Singu BPM is based on Active Control List System which helps to distinguish different roles, groups, positions and their permissions. That system gives possibility to control access to application.

Integration with Google

Singu BPM gives an opportunity of integration our application with Google. It gives new possibilities to use application.

SaaS – software as a service

Software as a Service is one of licensing models proposed by us in which application is hosted on a remote server and accessed through the Internet. Main SaaS model advantages over traditional licensing are:

  • low costs (subscription vs. license) – user pays monthly subscription fee, no costs of infrastructure and administrator maintenance
  • improved reliability as a result of hosting in professional data-center build with enteprise-class equipment build with enteprise-class equipment
  • perpetual technical support included in subscription fee

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